Macro Photography Using Mobile Phone

Macro photography using mobile phone

Macro Photography using a mobile phone is one of the techniques to photograph at a fairly difficult level. This Blog is one of the Mobile Photography blogs that share tutorials on how to take good and professional pictures with a phone. As we know this technique usually takes photos with a very close distance between (1-5 cm), to get the details of an object that is very small (less than 2 cm).
Getting the photos is usually done with DSLR cameras and macro lenses that cost quite expensive. However, as time grew many lenses have been modified. In this tutorial, I will teach 3 ways of macro photos.
Include: Without the use of lenses, using modified lenses, and using water droplets. Before that, there are some Macro photo Tips on a mobile phone.

Macro Photography Tips with mobile phone


Make sure your HP lens is well-pasted and clean from dust/grease. If your lens is dirty, wipe immediately as it will affect the result of the photo.

Setting on the Mobile Phone Camera

  • Manual focus Setting in Infinite mode, do not use auto focus mode and in Metering Mode, select Spot Mode.
  • Setting the camera settings at the highest resolution, setting the resolution is very useful when you do Cropping photos.

Focus Search

Macro Photography is a technique that is more stand out in focus object, so look for the right focus, by the way, to move your mobile phone to find the best focus.

Lighting up

In photography, lighting is a major factor in determining photo results, choosing the correct exposure will make your photos look professional, Macro photography is better done in the morning, and evening. The lighting is not too Over.

Choose the best time

A good time in doing Macro photos is the morning between the o'clock (6.30 am-9.00 am) and an afternoon between the o'clock (3.00 pm-5.00 pm). It is intended to allow you to Photograph insects/animals, the animal is not very aggressive. Unlike when you photograph during the day.

Avoid vibration

In Macro Photography It takes very high hand stability to carry out photos. Because if the image is produced Miss Focus, it will be a bad thing in the macros to train stability use this kind of technique.
  • Hold your breath a few seconds until you squeeze the Shutter.
  • Put your elbow on a sturdy object such as tree trunk, branches, and so on, it is intended to dampen the vibration of the hand or to change the function of the tripod, like that.

Macro photography using mobile phone
Macro photography using mobile phone

Be patient and keep trying

In Macro Photography it takes extra patience because its take should be done as close as possible to objects, especially if the object is an insect, surely the level of difficulty will be higher, so keep trying.

Some ways to photograph macros with mobile Phone

Without using lenses (maximization of phone features)

The first way is without the use of lenses, this way is very easy and can be done by anyone, the most important factor in this way is the phone used. The trick is to choose the phone that has the feature (Manual Mode/Professional Mode), change it:
  • Auto Focus Mode to Manual Focus section.
  • Exposure Value.
  • ISO, as shown below.

Macro photography using mobile phone -

Using Additional Lenses

The second way is to use an additional lens, in this tutorial, I use lens modification, we used to call it LENSBONG (Lensa Bongkaran), You can buy it on Marketplace Indonesia. There are 2 kinds of LENSBONG. LENSBONG was taken from our Pocket camera and Prosummer Mirrorless lens.
  • LENSBONG from Pocket Camera
This lens, taken with the how-to disassemble the old Pocket camera, chooses a lens made from glass to make the results clearer like this is the shape and installation
Macro photography using mobile phone

Macro photography using mobile phone
  • LENSBONG was taken from Prosummer lenses
How to use this lens is very easy, just paste in the camera section, automatically the result of your mobile photos will be a similar DSLR camera.
Macro photography using mobile phone

Macro photography using mobile phone

Using Waterdrop

This one Way sounds weird. But it's an easy way, Placing a drop of water on your camera's camera lens essentially transforms it into a macro lens. And Behold the Happening.
Macro photography using mobile phone

Sample photos

Macro photography using mobile phone
Macro phone photography

In the next article, I will explain the technique of photo Editing, to make the photo look nicer and professionally.

Okey, simply by doing the steps, it is guaranteed that your photos will look nice, charming, and maximized. Good luck.

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